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 Contested Ransom
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With no certainty that payment will end the conflict, Joey and Mira become reluctantly involved. Aided by the most unlikely allies, they formulate a clever strategy to resolve the dangerous situation.

Readers met Joey Moretti in Mystical Glasses and Innocent

Retribution discovering he is a man with distinctive talents and the ability to deal with unpleasant tasks.
In Contested Ransom, we see more of Joey Moretti being tested to the limit.          

         New Joey Moretti novel

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A softer side of Joey unveils until events beyond his control makes him the face of innocent retribution.

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Newsletter June

            Take a minute to look at this recent intervview with Many Books

June is here and the first day in winter in Australia which arrrives with the cooler weather that I prefer. I am also back from sixteen days in the USA. The first stop was my friend's home and my away from home in Malibu. A days rest and then a book signing at the Pipe & Thimble the new indie only book store created by Barb and Ellie. I shared the signing with Mark Fine, new friend and author of the acclaimed Zebra Affair. I highly recommend this book. There were less people than we had hoped for at the signing however both Mark and I are pleased to support this shop which is gaining recognition daily. Authors from around the world have sent thier books and have them displayed. Anyone interested please contact:

The five hour flight to Newark and then a four hour drive to the northwestern part of Pennsylvania and the Amish country where my cousin has a homestead/farm/outstanding life style. This was an amazing four days of conversation, great food and the serenity of farm life 20 miles from anywhere. I will return.

Then I switched into a boy racer mode in a rental Infinity Coupe, 400hp, twin turbo, 4wd, and raced to Vermont loving this machine.

I spent four days in Vermont where I grew up and went to school. Shawn Harrington and Tracy had arranged a story telling and booksigning evening which brought out friends new and old and relatives I did not know I had. The evening was a success with the local library accepting my books. Book signings are a good excuse to catch up with old friends or old friends are a good excuse for a book signing. Both work for me.

A fast drive back to Newark and a return to LA. A couple of days to restock books and eat outstanding Mexican food before returning to the start of winter

What did I learn? I like booksignings. I enjoy the face to face contact with readers. I intend to do more and hope to share signings with other authors which stimulates both parties. Plus they are a great excuse to travel.

Before I left I had completed two of the three short stories that will make up a seventh book to be released towards the end of July. I am into the the third story now.  I have never tried to write short stories however with a mind full of unrelated twisted tales I am enjoying the process.

Story one will tell the true fiction tale of two twenty year olds who heist a US Army payroll in the 1960's in Germany. Many may think this is a true story and that thry know the purpertrators.

The second is the story of a baseball pitcher who is under pressure to prove he is worthy to be in the major leagues.

Story three is the life of an evangelist with a difference. Sinner Sid is a sin consultant who just happens to be a sex addict. Will you love him or hate him when he preaches to you in July? 

Finish this book, play a bit of poker, and figure out how to promote my books more effectively in Australia. I would like to plan a trip to Russia?  

Enjoy the photos of the past month. 


1:  The back yard in Malibu. 2: Barb and Ellie who own the Pipe & Thimble bookstore which features Indie authors. I did the book signing there. 3: Reading during book signing. 4: The hot coupe I drove for a week. A real beast. 5: Daisy my friend at my cousin John's farm. 6: Book store in Manchester, Vermont which features over 35,000 books and had me at a book signing. Manchester is where I grwew up.  
   I am pleased to announce that my books are now available at Mary Ryan Bookstores.

You may find them at 40 Park Rd, Milton in Brisbane & 18 Hastings St, Noosa Heads, and 5/15 Central Ave, Harvey Bay at this time with more stores to follow. I ask you to visit and support these fine book stores who offer personal professional service and advice on that special book

A Reminder anyone who buys any of my books at Mary Ryan bookstores will reveive a FREE copy of Innocent Retribution (while stocks last).

  Celebrating two years since I wrote my first book, March 2015

                        First time ever offered! Two book sets of my autobiography and Joey Moretti thrillers.

It's All About Me and a few others & It's Not only about me will be only $21.90  and Mystical Glasses & Innocent Retribution at $18.90 on eBay from March 2nd. Australia only   All books in paper back and will be offered as long as stock lasts. The button connects you to ebay then search Kregas.         

Cover upgrade

I liked the original cover as it represeted the story. However it confused buyers who thought it could be travel guide.

I felt it was time to have a new cover and at the saame time make it clear what this novel is about.


Fiction account of characters faced with crisis. Uplifting and humorous as well as serious. The new cover adds mystery.

The book will be available in both covers.

See next page for more on this novel.