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It's All About Me and a few others

It's All About Me and a few others


Believe there was a time when ‘ski bums’ did not need a platinum card, before political correctness killed fun, where helmets were not needed to ski or ride bikes. Sex was free of AIDS risks, good drugs and great music ruled and freedom was real. A time where success was often not what you did, but rather who you did. This book is the story of one person’s life in that time.   



Jack started to hate his mother at age six. He adopted himself at eight. Had his first affair with a friend’s European wife at 15. From that point onward, everything was about getting to Europe to chase women and ski, not necessarily in that order.

This book reads like fiction until the reader realizes that it’s a true account of how to meld fun, adventures, business, and addictions into a life most can only imagine.

Honestly written, based on memories with over forty photos and comments by those who were involved. If you read one autobiography, READ this one of a life lived differently that will make you wish you were a part of it.













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