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It's Not All About Me

It's Not All About Me

Years in Europe chasing the ultimate adrenaline rush in deep snow or pursuing women with equal fervor were history. Real life was bearing down from all directions. Failure, something never experienced before was ego crushing. Being a single parent at an age far older than most have to cope with brought about responsibility and rules. Both had been avoided at all costs up until now. Working because of necessity instead of fun increased anxiety on a daily basis.


In a new country challenges were everywhere. Many might have given up but Jack pushed ahead using skills learned from his past to achieve limited success as he moved from one business opportunity to another.


Personal life was an up and down affair with ladies in and out of his life like the change of seasons. He understood as the years passed that everyday normal life was NO FUN. More and more he reverted to doing things his way following a path that he hoped eventually would lead to the freedom he had once experienced. It was many years of a life in transition.


It’s Not Only About Me continues on from It’s All About Me and a few others in the tradition of honestly relating how Jack’s views and style of living is far different than most. Thirty new photos document the journey.


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