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Joey Moretti 4 book set

Joey Moretti 4 book set

The Joey Moretti story in four e-books

Mystical Glasses:

Joey in his fifties a poker player who finds the mystical glasses allowing him to win.
Mira, his new girl friend is stalked and threatened by her ex-husband. Joey protects her using skills, past connections, and an ingenious plan with the mystical glasses to deal with the ex once and for all.

Innocent Retribution:

Joey Moretti wanders the country before a chance meeting with a native American, Coyote, who takes him to his remote village. There he finds himself and friendship he has never had. He becomes involved with Indian affairs in the onset of the development of Indian casinos. He also falls in love with Coyote’s sister and marries her. A child soon follows. Joey has never know happiness.
In California Alex is one of the youngest accomplished car thief’s. He moves up from an occasional heist to a full time business attracting the attention of organized crime. Alex escapes with his life while his female lover is blow to bits in a car bomb.
Alex changes careers becoming a manager in a new casino where Coyote’s tribe has interest as well as Joey’s family who is now also in the casino business. Alex’s inability to play it straight leads him into conflict with Coyote, the Moretti family, and Joey.
An accident rocks Joey’s world taking from him all he loves. Someone is to blame, Someone must pay. Innocent Retribution brings out the side of Joey that few have seen. Is he a psychopath or just a trouble soul seeking justice?

Contested Ransom:

Joey and Mira are living together. They have settled into a quiet life overlooking the ocean in California. Joey receives a call from his cousin that his daughter has been kidnapped in Mexico. She is being held for ransom with her friend being mutilated and released as a warning. Can Joey please help.
Joey along with Mira reluctantly agree to take a look. Nothing in Mexico is at it seems. Joey is forced to call on dubious characters from his past life to assemble a team in hopes of a rescue. Can four men, Mira, a young boy, and a grandmother wage a war against a well-armed cartel and rescue the girl?

Decisive Sunset:

Joey and Mira have an unexpected daughter that settles them into the normal life of a family. A call from a Moretti corporation account informs Joey that someone is spreading rumors about the company and selling the stock short. Would Joey take a look?
Joey ask questions in a half hearted way until he was threatened and an incompetent bomber was caught trying to blow up his home.
Joey sent Mira to the safety of Coyote while he and a friend from the Mexican adventure, Slick Morrison, became involved in finding who was behind the attack on Moretti’s holdings.
From California to the East indies to New York, Joey and Slick followed a trail that lead him closer to the family itself appearing to be an inside job to under mind the company’s value.
Was Joey the real target? Could Slick save his life? Was this to be the end of Joey Moretti?
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