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Tall Tales Three

Tall Tales Three

Six short tales for readers who enjoy:

Sex Scenes, Scams, Infidelity, Halloween, Drug Use, Perversion, Hippies, Vengeance, Murder, Love with Sexbots, Political Correctness, Injustice, Free Love, Age Prejudice, Marriage, Deviates, Family Life, Fast Cars, Romance, and Sex Scenes.

People are not as they seem. These tales will have you looking twice at your friends, neighbors, and family.

1. How Ricky bought the farm Free-love hippies to farmers
2. The Shill A thirteen year old finds adventure
3. Like Father, Like Son Two generations of misguided sex
4. The Dilemma Your worst fears realized
5. Ward Weston Sacked college professor's secret revealed
6. Halloween in America Confronting and almost true.
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