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Some history

I never wrote more than a post card until I started on my autobiography in 2015. That happened by accident. I  wrote my aunt, who lived in Vermont, saying I was sending her a history and adventures of my years in Europe. She answered,'Don't send it, will not read it, I am not interested,' Recovering from her answer, I then added explicit content and sent it to a publisher who instantly rejected it saying it was egotistical, vulgar, and that no female would ever read it. More mad than discouraged, I self then self published and to this day the autobiography continues to sell in over twelve countries. Seventy five percent of readers are women.

Since then I have written fourteen more books.

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If one person reads anyone of my books and gets pleasure, then I have been a success. If they write a review and tell a friend, then they have thanked me. 

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With a twisted mind full of tales of which some are personal adventures and others pure fiction, I find the writing part easy. Of course a good editor, for which I am forever thankful, helps. 


I have years of marketing experience in the businesses that I have owned which gives me some idea about book promotion. I have also invested money on publicists, agents, social media, etc.  This experience gives me the right to voice some opinions on the results which I will pass on.


1. Money spent will almost NEVER be recovered.


2. Social media does NOT sell books but may sell YOU. Work to increase followers.


3. DO NOT give away books. They do not find clients but rather collectors who hardly ever read and never write a review. Your work has a value. Ask for it!! 


4. Selling two or more books is easier than only one.


5. Put your books with all or most online sellers. Do not use Amazon exculsively.


6. Speak to everyone about your books. Don't be shy.  Organise speaking-engagements with interested audiences.


7. If one person reads and enjoys your book, you are a success. Write another.


8. Buy other authors' books, review them and tell your friends. In other words, follow the words in the two boxes above. Most of all have fun.   

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